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  1. Hi everyone. This my first time to this site wanted to say hello to all.
    I'm kinda doing some research and needed some input about traveling nursing. a staffing company called sunbelt out of florida. The benefits look great.
    My husband and I have been wanting to move to Hawaii for some time now and thought this would be the way to see if we wanted to live there. We cruised there twice and everyone seemed friendly. Many people we talked to said they needed nurses.
    I know Wilcox is on strike and I won't cross picket lines no matter what. I know nurses need all the support they can get.
    Well if anyone has any info they can share, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I can't answer your specific question, but just wanted to welcome you to Allnurses. We're glad to have you.
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    Welcome Laudy!

    Check out this Forum; Travel Nursing
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    Welcome. Good luck!