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  1. I found this site recently and already have found it to be very helpful! I have been a CNA for a little over 2 years. I spent the past 2 years working in a long-term care facility in the memory care unit. When I started, I had zero experience in the medical field and just needed a job, but I ended up absolutely loving working in memory care! I just started a new job as a med-surg CNA in a local hospital (very rural, small-town type hospital). I switched to this job because I wanted to get experience with a wider range of patients. It has been a great experience so far, I just am hoping to eventually feel as comfortable as I did in my old job.

    I just started nursing school (the actual ADN-RN program; I was on the waiting list and finishing gen-eds for the past 2 years). I am excited to start learning to be a nurse, but pretty nervous as well! The amount of information in my textbooks is so vast; I feel overwhelmed at the thought of learning it all. Fellow nursing friends have told me not to freak out over memorizing every little detail, but instead to think about the "big picture" as critical thinking is crucial in the nursing field. However, I just don't want to forget any little detail as in two years I will (hopefully) be working as an RN making very important decisions. I welcome any advice anyone has about surviving nursing school, NCLEX prep, or anything else relating to nursing
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    Welcome lenamarie023.
    Congrats on starting nursing school. Your friends are correct. There is much to learn in school but each piece is like a piece in a jig saw puzzle. You take all these pieces that look like jumbles of color and once you are done they will start to look like a picture: critical thinking, the nursing process, nursing diagnosis, patient care, care planning (this is what comes to mind, I've been out of school for 5 years). There is much to learn but you will learn it. Make sure to keep yourself disciplined and keep up on your reading.

    This site is valuable and I am sure you will find many pearls here. Check out the yellow bar at the top of the page: the "Students" tab, and the "Nurses" tab, also "General Discussion" in the Nurses tab area. And if you feel stressed and want to unwind a bit with some other nurses check out the "Breakroom" tab found to the right by the "Liked" and "Replies" tabs. In the breakroom we discuss everything non-nursing.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted on how you're doing.
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    Pay attention in class and participate. Don't be the one who has a million questions but is worried if you sound silly asking them. Chances are others in your class are thinking the same thing. Follow your grading rubrics, form study groups, other perspectives are very valuable. Most importantly take notes, instructors will often emphasize information that you will be tested on. Needless to stay study, make "me" time daily and tell your family unless the house is on fire, leave you be. Critical thinking and common sense will be your best friends. Good Luck, don't stress yourself out too much, it sounds like you've had some good exposure as a CNA and you will find that very helpful!
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    Welcome!!!! explore the forums....Nursing Student

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