finally getting ready to take "THE BOARDS"

  1. :uhoh21: And I am so scared! I just graduated recently and after 5 long years of great school (I took the very, very slow path....I was very ill for a long time...never took a semester off tho. Stubborn Norweigen!!!!!) I am ready. I'm planning on taking the Kaplan course soon.....any comments on that?
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  3. by   jazznkate
    I think a lot of people are scared to take that test. That is some pretty intimidating test. What it is, I think is the fear of the unknown. I heard really good things about the Kaplan course, although it is quite expensive but worth it. I didn't listen to my friends when they said for me to take Kaplan the first time. (And I do agree that some people didn't need to take Kaplan because they are naturally smart or they already have a good understanding of everything throughout nursing school) Unlike me I needed to take Kaplan (although I did well in Nursing school)but didn't and so I failed the first exam. Now I'm taking Kaplan online and find it to be so useful. The long videos/clips really explain everything and Kaplan goes through questions for each category and the lecturer explains why you should or shouldn't pick a certain answer. It is sooo informative. I knew about 6 people in my class who were getting C's in class and took Kaplan and passed the first time. They said they must have watched the clips/videos 3-4 times until they have a good understanding of the material. I'm getting ready to take in on 6/1. California is one of the states where we have to wait 91 days to retake but most states can retake in 45 days. Hope this helps.Good luck.
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    all the best to you!
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    thanks so much!!!!! That really helps! No, I want to take the Kaplan Course, I just needed the proof for the hubby (If he'll let me) (for crying in the