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  1. hello everyone, I am a new LPN who just applied to EC I am worried about not doing any clinicals. doesw anyone have any advice. my concerns are because i've only been a LPN for one year and at LTC and aENT office, so i don't have alot of clincal experience.
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  3. by   randybayrn
    I was also an LVN and signed up for EC. I completed all but two exams and decided to quit and go to LVN to RN bridge program at a community college. I did not ever work in a hospital my whole LVN career and felt I was shorting myself clinically. I think it depends on what you want to do. If you want to work in a hospital, I would ditch the EC. If you want to work for an ENT (private practice) go for it. I just graduated this Dec. and will start a job in the ICU in Feb. For me, it was the right decision. California also decided that they were not going to accept EC anymore and even though I was "grandfathered" in, I did not ever want there to be a question regarding my license or education. I believe that EC is a great program for a medical professional like an LVN/LPN with like 2-5 years med/surg experience in a hospital, for me this was not the case as I worked at a privately owned ambulatory surgery center that specialized in plastic surgery my whole career. Good Luck!
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    Thanks For Your Advice I Will Take That Into Consideration.
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    Good luck to you. Thanks for stopping by the Introductions Forum. Welcome to Allnurses!