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  1. Hello everyone! I just discovered this board, it's pretty cool. Lots of great info to be found, and I look forward to sharing my tips.
    I've been a registered nurse for 10+ years :smiley_aa
    I have my AAS, I graduated from Raritan Valley Community College in NJ, in 1996. It seems so long ago; I feel like I've been doing this forever!

    I've worked many different types of jobs since becoming a nurse.
    I started off in the hospital I had worked as a nurse's assistant in. I worked on the surgical floor for 2 yrs, I enjoyed it, but back then, even though there wasn't a nursing shortage, they always worked us short staffed. I ended up hurting my back (L4-L5, L5-S1 herniated) I ventured to other areas.
    I worked in a minimum security men's prison for a few years, then went on to working in a residential facility for juvenile delinquents.
    I really liked working in the prison; lots of patient education with that population; simple things really made a difference.

    After leaving the juveniles, I went to a county jail; that was an eye opening experience; much different than the prison. Inmates were right off the street, not clean and drug free like in the prision.

    I definitely learned alot about alcoholism and heroin addiction. So sad...
    I did become really awesome at venipuncture - try getting blood from a junkie with veins as hard as leather! They were such a challange, but I got so good, I impressed the addicts! There were quite a few times when I got the "Wow, I didn't know that was there!..." Of course I felt bad for finding them a new access...

    After that, I went to work in a state facility for developmentally disabled. I will say without a doubt, it was the worst, hardest job I have ever had. Physically, it was very demanding; there was never enough help. With my bad back and 1 aide, we had to change diapers on adult residents twice a shift or more, and get them dressed in the morning. All this on top of the nursing duties I was expected to complete- It was near impossible.
    The clients were fragile, with frequent episodes of aspiration. It was a challenge, I liked the nursing aspect of it, but due to short staffing there was too much for any 1 human to accomplish in 1 night; I also messed up my back again after protecting it for so many years...

    So, I was off again, to my current job, which I love. I work for a church backed organization that runs group homes for emotionally disturbed children. The hours are great, the job is great, I do travel a bit all over the state of NJ, but they provide a car or pay me mileage... so It's good. Everyone is so nice. I've been here over a year.

    My other venture that I have been doing for almost 4 years now is being a travel agent.
    Nice to meet you all, Happy to be here!
    Amanda, RN
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    hi amanda

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