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  1. Hi all, Im David, and Im an RN working in an ED in southern california (city of upland). I am quite fond of the word "hack" as a term to describe those nurses who are in my view a bit under the status quo as far as their nursing practice goes (for reasons which may relate to skills, knowledge, lack of caring, etc). I sometimes use the word affectionately, and have no reservations about throwing that word at myself from time to time (hey, no one's perfect). Anyways, Ive been a nurse for going on 3 yrs now, have always worked in the ER (such a happy place!) and I am somewhat known among my coworkers as being dry and sarcastic with them, but incredibly caring and attentive with my patients. (Nursing is part acting, after all! hehe) It is not uncommon for my coworkers to hear me speaking with a patient behind the curtain, and then when i come out to have them tell me with eyes rolling "if they only knew what you were REALLY like". Hmmm, I think I'm telling a bit too much. But seriously, I am very proud of what I do, I think that we as nurses are a special breed (particularly us ER nurses), and I hope to be doing this for a very long time (no matter how many times ive threatened to quit). Nice to meet you all!
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi David. Welcome to All Nurses!
  4. by   suzanne4
    a big welcome to you, too............
  5. by   Lily of the Valley
    It's good to hear you have found your niche, not all nurses do
    I have been a nurse for many years, beginning my career in ICU/CCU, moving to the NICU
    Now I am a hospice nurse
    From first breath to last breath, I have had the honor of sharing in people's beginnings and endings
    You use the term hack
    I have many patients in SNFs and in convalescent homes, where hack nurse tend to gravitate
    My stereotypes have been blown out of the water
    Though I have often had to start with some micro-management, by giving support and education these nurses have developed into some of the best I have ever worked with
    Hack is an attitude
  6. by   dizzy_walnut
    you're right, ER is the nicest place! twas my first job experience when i decided to put in practice my (nursing) skills 5 long yrs after i got my license!!! got only 10 mos tho coz i was transferred to the OR due to understaffing.OR is also fun inspite of backaches and leg pains for working long hours! keep it up!