'ello everybody, New Lpn seeking advice.

  1. Hi, I passed my boards back in November, but have not really been working. I have a 1yr. old and babysitters were kind of unreliable or expensive. Now I'm ready to commit I can't find a job. I'm hoping anyone can help. I live in the New York City area and am looking for a hospital with a preceptorship or mentoring program to help boost up my confidence and provide me with a solid foundation. Too many hours on the internet and I can't find anything. I am even willing to relocate to central Florida or Dallas if they have similar programs. So, I'm hoping that anyone out there can lead me in the right direction. Thanks for any input.

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  3. by   Terrin9
    Hello. I just had a meeting with our Director of Nursing, and we will be hiring a couple more LPN's for our OB unit. We are in western NY, Olean General Hospital. Olean General Hospital - Homepage If you are willing to travel west, this might work for you.
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    Good luck! Welcome!