Early-stage career questions for nurses and students

  1. Hello Nurses and Nursing Students,

    My name is Paul, I'm 30, I live in Portland, Oregon and am in the early stages of pursuing a career in nursing. My previous experience with nursing includes trips to the hospital for scrapes and breaks, my mother being an RN for 30 years (from Cook County ER in the late 60's to Alzheimer's/Retirement Homes) and my experience as a Community Health volunteer in West Africa for the Peace Corps. My girlfriend and I are moving to Reno, NV in three months where she will be teaching and I will be starting (hopefully) either courses at UNR's Orvis School of Nursing or the prereqs for the program. Since I am so new to the game all I want to know is EVERYTHING but initially I'm interested to talk with YOU in the field. What got you into nursing, likes/dislikes about the profession/school, experiences and advice, etc. If there are any UNR students or alums out there, great. If this intro is too vague, please let me clarify any of your questions.

    Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

    Paul in Portland
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