Dominican College ABSN Weekend Program

  1. Hello Everyone !

    I'm going to apply to the ABSN or Accelerated Nursing program offered by Dominican College in Orangeburg. Is anyone here currently in this program ? I've red so many bad reviews about this school but I'm willing to take my chances. Plus, that particular program is 2 years which will allow me to work during the week
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  3. by   infostudnurse
    The program is terrible. Everybody just "wanted to take a chance anyways" and attend that school. And they all left miserable and had the utmost didain for the whole absn program. The instruction and quality of everything you get will be very disappointing especially considering how much you will be paying. They have trouble finding adequate staff to teach the classes and clinicals. They end up with some unexperienced/subpar "instructor" attempting to teach the courses. It is so disorganized and you will be treated like a child instead of an adult who is eager to learn as much as they can for their nursing career.