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  1. 0Hi! I am only 19 years old and I just changed my major to nursing. I want to become a registered nurse and i dont care what i have to do in order to get there. I mean I want to either work in the hospitals with babies/children or maybe after when I get older, switch to a clinic and maybe work with the pediatrician doctors. I dont really know yet but what do you think. My grandma isnt doing well so I sometimes go there to help feed and help her do what she wants to do. I never thought what it was going to be like until I helped her. It feels good, even though its time-consuming, its worth it, not only because she's family but that's why i wanted to become a nurse, to help out the people who needs the help. If i was to be in the hospital i would like a friendly nurse who does all they can to make me feel welcomed and happy (to show that the hospital is not necessarilly a bad place to be in) so i want to do that for people. Its just that i started my prereq. and i should be done with it in two years *hopefully* and then four years from then maybe go straight into the hospital area.By then i should be around 26 years old. i just hope i do good with everything i do. I hope i can do it. I might just go to University of Hawaii instead of HPU...I dont know but im not there yet so i guess i shouldnt have to worry. I wish i knew i wanted to do this during high school time so i couldve gotten my core classes over with but i cant do nothing now but go forward. i am also new to this site so bear with thanks for listening
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    Best wishes in all that you do. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    hello & welcome
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