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I will be 43 years old in a couple of months. I plan on applying to nursing school as soon as the holidays are over. Will my age undermine my chances of getting in? I already have a BA in sociology,... Read More

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    Thanks for the advice

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    Hello Allexx and Welcome to the board!

    I sympathize with your age related concern. I will be forty this year also, and I also have a previous bachelor's in psychology with a g.p.a. below a 3.0 also. Feel better yet???

    I am taking pre-requisite classes at my local community college to get into the R.N. A.D.N. program.

    Truly, age will not hurt you. However, I would advise you to take your easiest classes in the beginning, and get your pre-requisites out of your way. You probably have your basic spychology (misspell intentional) classes and some sociology classes as well. I got by first bachelor's in psychology (what a waste of a degree). However, my neighbor put me on the road to try nursing. he gave me some pamplets from my local community college, and now I have taken freshman english again (got a B the first time) and got an A this time. I also have retaken my basic freshman psychology class (got an A) and my Human Growth and Development class (got an A) and my first half of Anatomy and physiology (got an A in that too). Currently I have a 4.0 in my prerequisite classes, and NO ONE will keep me out of this nursing program.

    Commit yourself to accomplishing your goal, and No one will stop you. When I go into every class, I make sure my instructor knows that I am there to get an A in his/her class. I am not there to place, I am there to WIN! As it stands, people have begun coming to me for answers! I know just as much as the rest of them, but I carry myself like I am the only one in the room, not rude, just confident. So far my teachers seem to like that attitude. They teach like I am the only one in the room. I like this attention, and my confidence and my learning both increase dramatically. Our college admits students based heavily on GPA and how many prereqs you have fulfilled. I have only Anatomy and Physiology II and Microbiology left. I am scared, but if anyone can get into the program and do well in it, it's me.

    First take classes at a college starting on a clean transcript.
    Take something you know you will do well at, Psychology or sociology to begin with; get as many A s as you can early on.
    Then study like you are about to fail. If you study like you are about to fail, you will dedicate yourself to doing well early on in the program.
    Keep your books close to you at all times, and read often.
    Talk to the folks on this board often. They are very helpful.
    If you start with the classes that come easy to you, you will do well in them, and you will develop good study habits.
    Study as often as you can.

    Good luck to you,