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  1. Hello, I am a RN with 6 years of experience in California, I have recieved a disiplinary / legal notice for unprofessional conduct, (VERY long story) and I am desperate need of legal advice. I am terrified of losing my license, and dont have alot of money. Can anyone who has been through this before contact me and give me any name, information, or any other advice....ASAP. I am a good practicioner, and this has nothing to do with patient care. It is a personal and untrue accusation. Any input would be appreciated.......I work In ER and as A SART nurse. I am terrified of losing my license or worse. Thanks you very much.....KK
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately, we can not offer legal advice on this forum, same as we are also unable to offer medical is against the TOS of this forum.

    Your previous post was answered, and you were given several websites to look at it.

    We wish you the best...............