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  1. Are there any RN's out there that have started their own CPR/1st Aid business? I've had my own business for almost 2 years. I want to do this full time but things are going rather slowly. Any marketing ideas? I'm also selling AEDs...Do you guys use websites? Do you have an office that you hold classes in or do you go out to client's offices? How do you advertise? How do you get new clients?
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    I am a senior nursing student, however, I know various places come to our school and stick flyers in our mailboxes when they are offering a CPR class. This may be something you might think about doing; contacting the area nursing schools with your services. I know each semester there are several who need to renew. I will be renewing in Jan., funny how the time passes.
    Best wishes to you.
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    Thank you, I hadn't thought about putting flyers in the mailboxes. I have been teaching nursing schools...1 has been very supportive, others are coming around slowly.

    Thanks again for responding! Good luck with nursing! It's a wonderful career-lots of options!
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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    How much do they charge for BLS HCP renewal? It's anywhere from $35-$45 per person here in Ohio.
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    PS: try asking this one on the Nurse Entepreneur board. GOOD LUCK.
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