Concerns, and tips on making our jobs easier?

  1. I am thrilled to find this community! This is my first post. I was looking online for a group to discuss nursing concerns with. I've worked in almost all areas of hospital nursing over the years, and now do speaking and seminars in the areas of energy, health and wellness. I love the work I've done as a nurse, and would like to see nurses take more leadership in the area of prevention. We know what doesn't work. Many patients use complementary or alternative care but may be reluctant to talk about their interest or experience because of fear of being judged. Are nurses still mostly concerned about short staff, poor pay, grumpy coworkers, and no breaks? I'd like to know how we can make our jobs better.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome. I hope you enjoy the forums. Those topics are discussed in the various websites here and I look forward to your input.
  4. by   EnergeticRN
    Thanks for a kind reply. I'm excited for you as you approach your RN status. Nursing is a great field with practically endless opportunities. And what a preparation we've had.