1. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hello iam new at this the reason ichose allnurses is the concern i have in regard to healrh care eg schip program fo children why is it so difficult fo amercians to grasp the notion of universal health care iam think of returning to my country of origin due to this so i donot have to worry should i get the meds or should i eat
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  3. by   dusky1228
    I really don't think it is that "Americans don't grasp the notion of universal healthcare". For me at least, I understand that for universal healthcare to be implemented, there is a tremendous cost. The countries that have universal health care have extended waits for "routine testing" such as MRIs and Ultrasounds, etc. There are long waits to see specialists, and they are few in number. This country already has huge drains on it's healthcare system by providing unpaid-for care-how do we think universal health care is going to be paid for??
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    and even universal healthcare does not work. Here in the UK we have all sorts of problems and post code lottery is always being mentioned, basically means if you live in one area you can get x medication but live a few miles outside the area and you will not get x medication. All to do with cost and how each area budgets the costs
  5. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. We have a few ongoing discussions in this matter. I hope you enjoy!

    I'm very disappointed that the President has cut the funding for this program.