1. Good morning! I just signed up and would like to introduce myself...
    I'm a single mom of a toddler and we live in Palm Springs, CA. I've been a nurse since 2008. My first 2 years of that were on a vascular step down unit, followed by 4 years of ICU. Flight nursing was my career goal and an opportunity presented itself, so I did 2 years on rotor and fixed wing. I had a baby and grounded myself with sever postpartum. When I finally went back to work, I went back to the ICU for 6 months and now I'm in a level ll trauma center/ER, been here a year. My second career goal is neonatal critical care air transport. I just put my transfer in to L & D, hopefully I'll slide into the NICU ON DAYS and then train with the neonatal team.
    Anyway that's my nursing history in a nutshell.
    Pleasure to be here!
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  3. by   ICUman
    Welcome! You have a lot of experience to go on, I hope you share your advice on the forums. Good luck in getting the neonatal transport position! I bet you will since you already have flight experience.
  4. by   Traumamama02
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!!
    I have a pretty positive outlook in this crazy nursing world lol. My motto has always been, "Use Your Power To Empower Others" ... I'm about to unload my current situation, as soon as I find the appropriate forum, because my mind is blown and need some feedback as well!!