cardiac/open heart education, resources?

  1. I just found this site because I was looking for a way to ask about resources for this cardiac program. But I'm delighted to find the site to be able to communicate with nurses from all over. I used to be a traveller, and I miss the contact with people from all over.

    I'm 50, have 18 years experience. I taught school before I went to nursing school. I got into nursing school and discovered I loved it, so here I am. I've worked with heart patients one way or another most of my career, but I've also managed a surgery unit, worked with an orthopaedic surgeon, travelled, and done a brief stint with home health.

    I am married, have one grown son, and live in southeast Missouri. I love to sew and read. I have just had rotator cuff surgery. I tore it in a code, pulling a great big guy up to get the back board under him. And I am about to start a job as program coordinator for the heart program in a small HMA hospital.

    I'm anxious to meet everybody.
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