can i take NCLEX exam?

  1. Hi!
    Im sheila gates i am 20 years old i am 4th year BSN and i am gradauting this March 2005. I married in american,my friends told me i can take Enclex exam even im not RN in Philippines. pls i want to know if this is right. Because my visa will be done this April and teh local board exam will be in June, so i doubt if i will take board exam first b4 i will go to US, because my husband is so hurry to come with him in his place. pls advise me guys.. thank you..
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  3. by   crystalbluern
    Welcome to allnurses, sorry I am not sure what the requirements are. Have you checked with the nursing school director, there may be answers there, or at least some ideas where to go for help. God Bless.