Camp nursing, midwifery, and rural nursing...

  1. ...are my main interests right now, but as a student, I've been discovering all sorts of interesting nursing specialties I'd never considered before.

    I'm a second-degree BSN student getting close to finishing my first year (of three). I was largely inspired to become a nurse through reading the books about Sue Barton and Cherry Ames (and others) when I was a kid. When I started my preclinical classes I wasn't sure I'd like nursing, but once I started clinicals, I knew it was the right thing for me.

    I was a camp counselor for several years, and have been a "camp EMT" for two. I've been reading the posts in the Camp Nurses forum and was amused to see complaints about the pay... I know it's not much compared to what you can earn in a hospital, but a camp nurse generally earns more than anyone in camp other than the director! My salary as camp EMT has been somewhere between a counselor's salary and a nurse's. Anyway, camp healthcare is my favorite topic, but I look forward to browsing the other areas as well.
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