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  1. hello everyone. i've been reading and following the postings for weeks now but everytime i attempt to introduce myself, i get this not authorized to post message. i'm glad that's fixed.

    i've seen very interesting endeavors in this BB and i'm impressed with all of you in practicing nursing entrepreneurship. i'm also incorporated (S-Corp) and currently involved in setting up the california professional practice group for nurses which will be the first of its kind. the PPG will be an all RN owned/managed corporation which will be based in california but has a nationwide membership.

    i've been an RN for 8 years and have worked in varied nursing settings. i earned my business degree before becoming a nurse but worked primarily as a nurse the last 7 years. now i'm ready to combine my love for business and nursing and venture into nursing entrepreneurship.

    'hope we can all share our experiences and dreams to help improve the way we practice our profession and promote independence/autonomy in nursing and advocate for quality pt care.

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