brand new graduate of l.p.n. school

  1. [font=Book Antiqua]hi, this is my first posting. i just graduated l.p.n. school . i seem to be having trouble with picking the best answers. it's kinda hard for me but i am getting better. anybody got suggestions. i would appreciate it.
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Welcome to All Nurses! You might want to post in the LPN Corner with more specific questions.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome! Love your name! I was an LPN for awhile - what answers are you trying to pick? For boards? Good luck.
  5. by   Nalini
    Welcome and congrats on becoming an LPN
  6. by   Rnn2003
    welcome to the boards... best wishes as a new lpn
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    first of all i thank you all for welcoming me. i am talking about the nclex. it seems that sometimes the questions have more than one correct answer. ha, ha, but i can't always pick the best one. i guess i will get better. however, it seems also that i read into questions a lot. when you all took boards is there anything specific anybody used? someone i was talking to the other day told me, "My friend, boards are not the real world". is there any truth in that? i would appreciate a reply. thanks you everyone!!!
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    Quote from CNM2B
    Welcome to All Nurses! You might want to post in the LPN Corner with more specific questions.
    thank you!!!!
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    traumaRUs, thank you for showing interest. how long have you been in nursing? have you done all different types? which one did you like if you don't mind me asking!!
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    Welcome scudmissile, I found when I sat for my exam there was always one or two answers to each question that I was able to eliminate right away which left me with 2 to choose from. The way it was done here (in New Hampshire), it was on a computer, the test was a total of 250 questions but if you answered enough correctly or incorrectly it would automatically shut off earlier. Mine shut off at 102. Needless to say, my colon nearly betrayed me:chuckle & I was convinced that I hadn't passed. 2 weeks later my license came in the mail.

    I wish you all the best. Pam
  11. by   DonoochRN2B
    Focus on what the question is asking when you're trying to pick the best answer; Often you have to pick from 2, and one of those choices usually will answer the question best. Don't be fooled by the answers that SEEM right but distract you from what the question is really asking. Try REWORDING a question to make it simple in your mind; that makes it easier to stay focused on which of the answer choices is the best one.

    Practice and practice test questions and you will find you're getting better at picking the right answer. Remember, Boards are NOT the real world of nursing; think: textbook.

    Best of luck to you with your new LPN career. I wish you MUCH SUCCESS!
  12. by   J Lynn
    Congrats on your graduation! I just took boards last Monday and it shut off at 105...........i thought i failed. Fri, i got my license..........i also got a call from my instructor that Thurs to give me a heads up on my results .

    This is my only one'll get too overwhelmed if you try to study more and you won't ever finish all the questions. Remember your ABCs (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), those usually come first....right? Notice if those are the correct answers in your NCLEX-PN book. Look over your lab values......right them down so they are easy to access and briefly look over. Know your cardiac meds. There are alot of priority questions.

    More all the posts on the LPN Corner threads and the NCLEX Review threads.........there are alot of good advice that I received.

    Good luck...........don't stress........take lots of breaks.
  13. by   Tweety
    Congrats and good luck!
  14. by   scudmissile
    thank you everybody for the positive advice and encouragement!! I really appreciate it!!!