Brand new grad - about to take boards!

  1. Hi, everyone - How nice to have found this forum.

    I just graduated from an ADN program, and I'm going to take the boards on June 20th.

    I'm a little nervous about it, but doing my best to prepare. Any tips or advice would be great, and much appreciated. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
  4. by   Vektor
    Thanks, Tweety!
  5. by   kimmymom
    Congrats on graduating and good luck on boards. I was in the same exact position in December. What an exciting and nervewracking time!

    My advice to you (as I'm sure you will get a lot) is to look over a comprehensive NCLEX book every day in addition to taking some practice tests. I did this for about a month and took the test on January 18th. I passed the first time:-) and you can too.

    Do you have a job yet or know what kind of job you want?

    Good Luck...Keep us posted!
  6. by   Vektor
    Thanks, Kimmymom!

    I do have a job lined up, in Cardiac Tele - I'll have a four month preceptorship, then I am eligible to take a Critical Care course, and start there. It's a great job, with good pay, but I have to have license in hand by June 30th.

    So, keeping fingers crossed. (And studying hard!)
  7. by   starbabyfive
    hello & to allnurses!!!
  8. by   tartay0211RN
    Good luck with boards. Practice questions are the best way I think to study. It is more about how to answer the questions, becuase you will never be able to study all the content area that they may test you on.
  9. by   tuscon39
    congrats!!! i take boards the 13th. yes, im very nervous but i have put forth the effort. i did the hurst review online and recommend it very much. i have been a LPN for 16 yrs. but this is very different. good luck to you and welcome to nursing!!
  10. by   Sincere24
    Good luck to you hopeful in the next year or little more I will be in the same position. You know you can do it. I have had friends to just study a month before and pass on their first try which I'm sure you will do the same
    Once again Congrats