Best states to be a nurse in?

  1. I will be finishing nursing school up in May! I have attended nursing school in Idaho, but my first licensure will be in Missouri. After I obtain a few years of good, solid med/surge experience I am up for moving to the state that has the best benefits (salary, nurse/patient ratio, etc.) for nurses.

    I would appreciate any input regarding the best states to work in, and why the particular state is a step above the others.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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  3. by   nesher
    I am rather fond of Washington state.
    Things are different east of the Cascades though.
  4. by   pmchap
    Heck, why not move countries - come downunder - we are always short of quality nurses, pays not bad and the weather is generally great.
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  5. by   happthearts
    My understanding is its Califorina and New york state for pay. My Girlfriend was getting $34.00 an hr at Kaiser As a ask a nurse Where she sets the appointment and assess PT for care on the phone But she has been with them over 25 years .Utah Idaho Montana Wyoming don't pay as well. I work in Utah and the pay is about 18-24 for an RN in mental health Wyoming just plain doesn't have many hospitials I used to know a nurse who drove to Utah from wyoming to work because there were to many nurses .
    Sometimes its better to love where you are. than have high cost of living Or a bad place to work for more money.