Beginning Nursing school at LSUHSC in fall-need advice about upcoming interview

  1. Hey everyone! I am currently in the application process for LSUHSC School of Nursing and have an interview scheduled for mid-April. I need some advice about what types of questions to expect to be asked in the interview. Unfortunately, I do not have any family, friends, classmates etc. that have gone through a nursing school interview before, so I am lacking advice. I am so excited about starting the BSN program in the fall, but I feel uneasy because I just am not quite sure what I am getting myself into. I would appreciate any help offered by anyone who is/has attended LSU school of Nursing or anyone who has gone through an interview process before. I would also like to know what your daily schedule is like in a BSN nursing program as far as when you are in class and clinicals. Thanks!
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    Hello and Welcome! You might try the student forum. And you may also do a search for tips for interviews! Good luck to you!
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    My son started in january for his masters in chemical engineering, he likes LSU, but its no PENN STATE...
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