Autoimmune and Nursing

  1. Hello: Active Nursing was my life for 33 years. In steps two rare autoimmune disorders. Can a nurse find fulfillment when in remission? Happy to meet you.
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  3. by   3ringnursing
    I had to medically retire for 10 years due to SLE. I thought not only would I never work again, but I was headed for eternal slumber. I was wrong about both.

    In March 2014 I returned to work as a nurse. It's not patient care, but telephone triage - it's the best job I've ever had. I work from home in my pajamas, eat my own food, and it's the shortest commute in the history of mankind.

    Yes, fulfilment is there my friend! It's up to you to discover what exactly that is to you.

    Good luck, and best of health and happiness.