authorization to test stress!!!

  1. hello, i'm new here. any advice anyone can offer about the length of time it takes to receive an authoriztation to test would be greatly appreciated. i am about ready to pull out my hair waiting for my att in the mail. my situation is a little different - i graduated in phx az and moved to ct shortly after, so i'm planning on taking my boards in ct. all of my papers are filled out for ct, and i sent them out at the end of may!! i don't know if it's the state of ct, or what, but i've tried calling the state board of nursing to see what the deal is, but all i get are answering machines. i don't know what else to do!!! please, if anyone has any info on what to do, it'd greatly be appreciated! thanks!! ilana
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  3. by   Ari RN
    first of all congratulations on making it out of nursing school. that's a huge accomplishment! as for the att let me tell you what happened to me.
    i graduated in jan '04. sent my paper's at that time and finally received my att in april. i couldn't believe how much i waited for that darn att.:angryfire the only good thing about waiting 3 months was the amount of time i had to study.

    i hope this doesn't happen to you! good luck on nclex!