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  1. Hello to all, I am new to this site, in major search of guidance on how to get my RN. I need to know what steps i should and need to take. I have my High School Diploma and some college credits. Now What?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    First of all, welcome to allnurses. You can find all kinds of stuff on this site.
    What you need to do is to go to each of the colleges in your area, visit the nursing dept., if there is one, and get the info sheets. Make appts with nrsg dept counsellors. Start taking college courses. Any college degree is going to require freshman English. Each program has pre requisites to the nrsg program. You need to start taking these. They are pretty uniform, but not necessarily identical for each school. When you go to your appt at the schools, ask how their admissions process works. Do they do a lottery? Or is there a waiting list? This is very important, as it will come into play when you get ready to apply to actual programs. Get yourself mentally ready for a wait. Most nrsg programs are backed up with people trying to get in. Some people reapply several times, over several yrs, before they get in or give up and go elsewhere. But don't despair. You can get a lot of a feel for what you are facing by reading the threads on the nrsg student forums on this web site. Good luck.
  4. by   eaenfermera2
    Congratulations !! Hopefully you will continue on this path, no matter what. As Cali wrote, is not easy; it is hard, it is time consuming, and it is difficult to get into a nursing program. However, if you persist, one day you will receive your acceptance letter in the mail, yey!!!!!!
    I would say that it would be cheaper for you to enroll in a community college to take the pre-requisits for most nursing programs (anatomy, physiology, statistics, microbiology, etc), and make sure (asking counselors), what classes do you need to take before. I had some friends who took wrong classes and had to wait another semester to be able to finish pre-requisits. Get information from those possible colleges you would like to attend, though most colleges ask for same requirements, it could be some little difference between classes.
    Some colleges also require volunteering time in hospitals, so ask around, and do not be shy, whenever you see a nursing student, ask them because sometimes they would give you great tips.............
    Good look!!
    Hope to see you here often!
    (This is my first semester in the nursing program and I am just loving every minute!!)
  5. by   caliotter3
    If you have the time (don't know what your work situation is) it would be to your advantage to get a certified nursing assistant certificate before you enroll in the next college term. For some schools, having a CNA cert means points on your application packet. If you can handle it, you can get a part time job at a nrsg home, or private duty working in home health, or get hired part time in an acute care hosp. The experience will be beneficial. Usually CNA courses can be found at adult schools, or in long term care facilities. The course is usually around 12 weeks long, with another week to get a certified home health aide certificate. As I said, you wouldn't be hurting yourself by getting these certificates, even if you don't get a job at this level.
    Another advantage of working as a CNA is that you will get to know what it is like to do the work, because if you become an RN (or maybe an LPN), you will probably have to supervise CNAs. Easier to supervise them if you can say you have walked in their shoes. Again, good luck.
  6. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Definately talk to an advisor at the nursing school(s) in your area.