Army 91W training

  1. I am in the army 91W program at Fort Sam. When does the course end exactly? The DS's don't like to answer these questions.
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses! Maybe try the "government nursing" forum (I think that's what it's called), they seem to have military-related questions there often. Good luck!
  4. by   hammer91b
    I am a 10-year Army veteran. I attended 91B school in 1995. That course was only 10-weeks long. 10 weeks to learn how to save lives! You truly have the best job in the Army! Anyway, to answer your question I'm pretty sure it's the same, condensed course (maybe 2-weeks longer, depending on what cycle you are in) Good luck with training and in the future!
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    I was at Fort Sam in 1979-80, going through 91B and 91C, back to back. Ah, I had some of my best memories at Fort Sam. Envy you. You'll have a great time. Time frames? Don't know. Alot has changed since I came out, I'm sure. I believe they changed 91C to 91W now, or something. I came out of service 1985 as an E-6/91C30. Hey, I wish you all the best, my friend.