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Hey, welcome to the site! I really feel bad when I see all the threads from new people introducing themselves. There's just NO WAY that I could stop and post to each and every one of you! So I... Read More

  1. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from lost in boston
    Greetings... Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to belongong to this forum.. I have never done this before so I am truly a newbie. lost in boston
    Hey Boston, I don't know anything about working there, but the nursing discussions by location should help - there is a whole slew of threads under each state where you should be able to ask questions.

    I'm in Maine and I kept hearing that I could make a ton of money just working weekends in Boston, so I suspected the pay there isn't bad. Back in 83 I worked at Broward General in Ft. Lauderdale as a traveler so I assumed FL had some good pay - guess not huh?

    Well I hope you find your "home" soon - it is tough to feel out of place. No chance of going back to Chicago or you aren't interested?

    As a traveler you COULD try out different places and check them out - some travelers are able to get an allowance for housing and they bring their families - 12+ week assignments.

    Good luck to you!
  2. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from shelia32244
    Hello, my name is Shelia. I am currently still crying with my 3.2 GPA. I have been trying to get into the nursing program here at Florida Comm. College of Jacksonville for three terms now. I just got my letter of "sorry we regret to inform you..." There were 453 applicants applying for 144 spots. It was devasting yet again. I am currently looking to go into the LPN program and see if I can get in that one. I was 75 away from making the cut for the Fall Nursing. Each term I apply I get close but never accepted. The other schools here are even worst. One, Jacksonville Univ. only accepts 95 per year. At Univ. of North FL accepts only once a year and its like 112 students. At least FCCJ accepts three times a year but I am losing the edge of the desire. I hope to apply for the Spring term of LPN and the Spring term of RN program and just hope I get either one. Good luck with you endeavors and God Bless all of us that keep trying.

    Are you working in the field at all now? That should help you to get in - like if you are a CNA or phlebotomist or something.

    That IRKS me so bad that they are turning people away when there is such a need! A 3.2 is not too shabby at all, nothing to be ashamed of, but THEY should be ashamed that there are not more slots!

  3. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from RavenC
    Hi Shelia
    Before I became a nurse, I wanted to be a physical therapist, but the wait was 1 1/2 years to get into school. Since I needed a good paying job, I went to nursing. I still regret it, because I know I would have enjoyed the therapy. Anyway, my point is that there are so many options in medicine, maybe something else would work for you. You'd still be in the business, still helping people, have plenty of options where to work and almost certainly have a less stressful job. What about exray or surgical tech? There's options in therapy too...Physical, Occupational and Speech. Even an office job where you can be off on weekends and holidays like social worker. And you'd be in an atmosphere where you might get some help getting into school. If none of that appeals, what are your chances of going to school in another state? If you live near the border, try Georgia or Alabama. Whatever you do, good luck.

    Good advice! Are you still gonna try to get into something else? Boy I love nursing but it is so hard now, that it doesn't love ME! It kills me that there is no way to make it more do-able - and the worse it gets, the fewer the nurses, and the harder the job will be.

    Take care and let us know if something else works out for you!
  4. by   sostressed2005
    Hello everyone my name is Jennifer I just joined yesterday. I have one son and a step daughter. I'm a newly wed I took my vows July 2nd of this year. I graduated in May of this year from an associates degree RN program. I took my boards on Friday and just found out today that I passed. I can't believe that I did it. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I so happy to be a part of your community.
  5. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from sostressed2005
    Hello everyone my name is Jennifer I just joined yesterday. I have one son and a step daughter. I'm a newly wed I took my vows July 2nd of this year. I graduated in May of this year from an associates degree RN program. I took my boards on Friday and just found out today that I passed. I can't believe that I did it. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I so happy to be a part of your community.

    Jennifer congratulations! that is so exciting! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, whooo hooo! xoxoxo
  6. by   Straydandelion
    hi all! i've worked in orthopedics, nursing education, utilization review and am now partially retired taking care of my mother with alzheimers. my interests are in more of a home health aspect now due to my circumstances. i'm in the position of being able to talk of the nursing aspect of some things, but also the customer/patient/advocate view of some situations. i'm happy to have found this forum!
  7. by   KTRMN
    Hi I am originally from England but have emmigrated through marriage to a Michigander. I qualified as an RMN in 1984 then did a return to nursing practice course in 2002 so reactivated my pin. Have been working for 71/2 years with kids but want to go back to nursing here. I fell across this site and thought it would be good to chat with other nurses.
  8. by   vclinton
    I'm A Home Health Aide And I'm Thinking About Taking Lpn Coarses On Line. I Just Joined Allnurses Today And Am Having A Hard Time Figuring Out How To Work This Page.
  9. by   mangumrk75
    Hi Everyone!!!

    My name is Becky. I'm a wife and mother of 3. Two boys (8 & 6) and a girl (2). I've been going to school for awhile with no real goals, I guess, and finally set my mind on becoming a LPN. I live in Jacksonville, FL, where the community college offers a LPN program, that I will apply for to start their Spring term... if I get accepted, of course.

    Well, I guess I gave it away that I'm not a nurse or a nursing student (yet) but I just wanted to get the views from the ones already doing it. I'm just looking for a little insight on how everything works and truthfully, make sure this is what I want to do. I'm not really looking for advice at this point, I just want to know how you guys feel about going through school and then into the work environment and if it's as rewarding as I think it would be. I know there are up's and down's, those are the things I want to know about and kind of balance it out with family life... if it works for us as a family.

    Anyways, thanks for welcoming me and everyone else.

    Take care,
  10. by   nursefreak1
    Related to nursing school...
    hi all!
    Getting ready to do my last semester in an LPN program in about 10 days, looking forward to taking my NCLEX.. and starting level 2(ADN) then BSN completion..

    thanks to all of the well wishers
    see ya in cyberspace!
  11. by   shureen
    Thank you for the nice letter. My name is Shureen. I currently live in Saudi Arabia and will complete my fifth year here and will return to live Tucson in Jan. I am completely unfamiliar with this site and can only hope that this note reaches its destination.. my intention had been to send a greeting to all, but couldnt figure out how to do that, so decided to read your message. I have five adored children, all grown.

    Just wanted to say hello.

    Quote from zoeboboey
    Hey, welcome to the site!

    I really feel bad when I see all the threads from new people introducing themselves. There's just NO WAY that I could stop and post to each and every one of you!

    So I just wanted to say hey, how are you, and I hope you have a good experience!

    I'm 46, an RN trained in a diploma school in Maine (1981). I've done all kinds of nursing, my favorite being geriatrics, with Chemical Dependency a close second.

    I currently live in Maine, have a 17 year old son (who is just beginning driver ed, ugh!). I'm a Born Again Christian (3 years) but have to say that I am not one of those thumpers, LOL! How that happened is a long strange trip, I started out Catholic, tried all kinds of religion, no religion, etc. Then I ended up in AA (1985). I learned so much about tolerance, and the fact that God works miracles in EVERYONE's life, not just the "special" (wink) people.

    So along with being sober I've also had to deal with my mental health issues, depression/bipolar, anxiety, oh fun fun...

    SO - feel free to say hi, in this thread or through a private note! Happy you are here, lots of wonderful people! God bless! :hatparty:

    Feel free to post on this thread, and if I see you "around" I will say hello!
  12. by   carebear31
    I'm so glad I found this site.I just sorda stumbled across it.My name is Kim and I've been a nurse since 2001.Me and nursing have sorta a love/hate relationship.I wanted to become a nurse because I care about people and I knew it would be something I was good at.I have had a lot of disappointment along the way, but I wouldn't trade anything for everything I have learned.If you pay attention,listen, and try the sky is the limit.As long as there is oppurtunities there will be hope.I try to remember this when I'm in a bad situation.Nursing these days is very demanding emotionally and physically.What nurses need more than anything is to be respected.I see too many patients treating nurses however they please.Those that are not nurses that work at the hospital do not realize how emotionally stressful this can be.The responsibility a nurse has is enough without adding all that negative energy brought on by having to deal with patients that are disruptive,disrespectful,and non-appreciative.I believe patients that are like this should be dealt with in an appropriate manner and not be just shoved off on the nurse to deal with by herself.I see alot of this happening now and I here it from co-workers.The hospital wants the business I'm assuming and the nurse is not backed up when she presents these issues, and these particular patients are allowed to continue to treat nurses this way.The only reason this happens is because it is allowed to happen.I think if this one thing could be dealt with it would help nurses tremendously and create a more pleasant work environment and give the nurse more time to spend doing what she needs and wants to do.There have been plenty of times I have wanted to say what I felt to a patient but have not because I know my job could be jeopardized.Patients have the right to be properly cared for and I think nurses have the right to be properly cared for too.The answer to the problem is not all about money!I could go on and on about issues I believe are turning nurses away.I wonder what will become of the profession in the future?I hope people do not lose sight of what nursing is all about!Nurses need the respect they deserve,afterall look at what all we do!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   catwoman2
    Hi, Everyone-
    I am new to all of this. I am a citizen solider recently home from an 18 month overseas deployment. I spent a lot of time working with the medics while over there and have decided to change my MOS(military occupational speciality) due to this. I was giving a lot of thought to making a career change when I was called to active duty. I wanted to go into nursing as my mom did. She is absolutely amazing.
    I am doing the pre-requisites right now. I am also finishing my CNA cetification right now. I will not start school until fall of 2006 because of the waiting list to get into the community college nursing program. I wll work full-time and part-time until school starts.
    I work full-time for the military in our state. I love my job but have to drive 100 miles to work. That does not make a lot of sense thes days with gas prices and is hard on a marriage also. My husband supports my going back to school but I will have to work part-time as we need the money. The other kicker is I just found out today that I am preggies with our first child. I seem to be late in getting started on everything in life. I am 46 and thought I would have done all of this earlier in life. Well, better late than never!!!!!
    I would appreciate any advice in planning and helping me get to my goals which is to get my RN degree, go to work for a place that will pay for me to get my BSN and spend time with my family. Hopefully, I will not face another deployment right away but I am slated to go with my unit in 2007. They are moving the deployment times up so nobody really knows. One thing the time spent overseas has taught me is to take advatage of the time you have now and to be thankful for the wonderful people in your life. That is where the real wealth is.


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