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  1. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from NursesRock29
    really??!! I was thinking of doing it too... once I graduate. It's hard to find good traveling benefits as an LPN (IMO), so I will wait. I am wanting to take my daughter... she's open to it and not at all reluctant... it's me that I'm worried about!! I am worried about that... being homesick pretty quick. Maybe we will just stick with the 13 week summer travel for now

    Well, one thing that happened is that the cat I had left with my boyfriend was found dead in the driveway. The other thing was that though the boyfriend had NEVER told me he loved me, the MINUTE I got to FL he started calling EVERY DAY and telling me that.

    I wasn't a very "functional" young lady and it seemed a good idea to go back home to my love. Funny thing that happened was - he stopped telling me he loved me when I got home. Foolish me.

    Oh well, they say things happen for a reason. May never KNOW the reason (ha ha) but there has to be one.

  2. by   urbanRN
    Hi all!

    Just join the site today. I am 30 yrs. old and is currently switching careers. I will be starting nursing school in the fall. I have some college credits and is actually going into ADN program with plans to continue on for a BSN and eventually a Masters degree. Does anyone have any advice to offer as to what to expected in nursing school and in the field in general.

  3. by   gabbi
    hello everyone! i joined a few months ago but i never really got the chance to say hi to all of you. i'm 33 y/o, single, F, an RN in the philippines, curently reviewing for the nclex. i plan to work in the US in the near future to join my family there. i hope my waiting won't be that long.
    thanks for this forum! it's really a big help! =)
  4. by   sierra&thomas_mom
    Hello everyone
    I am currently completeing my 135 hours with my preceptor and of course studying for boards to become an LPN. My official graduation date is set for the 16 of December. I have a 14 month old son and a 2 and a half year old daughter. It gets kind of crazy trying to study with two little ones running around, but I have made it this far.
  5. by   bmmagic
    Hello! I'm a new user posting for the 1st time. A fellow student (not sure of user ID) informed me about this site. From the posts I've read, she was right -- this site is awesome.

    I'm 34 years old (male) and next month will make 17 years of marriage. No children, but we have two dogs. I was previously in electronics and computers, but finally decided that healthcare was more suited for me. With only just over a year left on my GI BILL, I deciced to become an RN. My mother and grandmother were both LVN's and my late M-I-L was an RN, so I'll continue the tradition, but as the 1st male in the family to do so.

    I'm currently in my 3rd semester of the ADN program in Casper, Wyoming. I started pre-nursing in the summer of 2003 and was accepted into the ADN program in the spring of 2004. I'm currently in the telemetry rotation and I'm LOVING IT. My only other healthcare experience was working at Baxter's Biolife Plasma Donation Center during my 1st two semesters as a medical historian (fingersticks for hematocrits and stuff like that). I'm currently working part-time at Sam's Club in the produce department. Very low stress and the same pay as Biolife. I found this works much, much better for studying. After work, which is pretty brainless, my mind is ready to absorb information.

    I look forward to being an active member of this site and hope to learn a lot and hopefully to contribute my limited experience to others.
  6. by   Shawnese9
    I am new to this site. I am one month of completeing my LVN course and am ready to work and move up in my career. I hope and look forward to having happy trails and continue my education to become an RN.
  7. by   Thunderwolf
    to !!!

    and thanks for registering as a new member!

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  8. by   kpwlj
    HI How are you
    I am a second year student nurse who should be doing her assignments instead of writing here
    I am from australia
  9. by   inspiringNURSE
    hey, everyone! how you all doing?! this website is so cool. i hope it can help me with nursing. anyway, i'm 19 male and i just started nursing school. no kids and don't want any for the next 10 years. right now i'm planning to get my bacherlor's and move on to get my master's and become an anesthetist, God willing. So i hope you guys can give me some advice because i really need some. that's actually the reason how i found this website because i was desparate in finding out why i'm struggling in the fundamentals of nursing. Who has a hard time in the fundamentals of anything?!? so i will be posting up a lot of comments. feel free to insult me, criticize me, or brag about your degree...anything just as long as you give me some advice. :chuckle
  10. by   rrsmith
    Hey to All!
    Per the site request I am posting a "how y'all". This reminds me of the online school I attended for my grad degree. Feels like a deliverable:chuckle.
  11. by   yankeesrule
    Hello to all!!! I actually stumbled on this site and I wish I would of found this a long time ago. Ok so Im sure you are reading this wanting juicy info, Right? Well Im an LPN married in upstate Ny. I will be turning...... 3-1 in January and have no kids. I have been an LPN for close to 4 yrs. My father is an RN getting ready to retire in less than 2yrs. I love my job, and then there are days I hate my job. I get asked on weekly basis when am I going to go back to school and get my RN? I know its something I should do but I just dont have the drive. Honest answer. Maybe someday. Maybe not. But I did fullfill my dream/goal of being a nurse. I work for the state of NY in a group home of 8 mentally and physically handicapped geriatric ladies. I have never worked anywhere else. I suppose its a shame as I am more than likely letting my skills waste. I run dr. apts, take them to work/program, set up appts, order meds and chart thats it. Cake work. Ok here is the thing that really peeves me: With my job I am CSEA. PEF is professional union. according to NYS dept of education I have a licsense thats states that I am a Nurse. Many people dont see me as anything but a glorified aid. Now there are people who work for the state who take the civil service exam go up the ladder with no educational background other than entry level and life experience and that qualifies them to be in PEF. I want to be looked at as a respected peer to the "real professionals" This is my peeve. I look forward to digging thru this site and finding all kinds of great info, insperation and education. and... Yankees Rule!!!!
  12. by   poopsie
    Hello to all!! I just found out about this site and I find it quite resourceful. I graduated in may, passed my boards in August and am trying to find a job. Having some troubles with that -doesn't seem to be any openings anywhere. TTFN
  13. by   catsnegypt
    I've been in health care since 1993 and loved being an aid/tech. I decided to go into nursing after the encouragement of other RN's telling me how great I would be. I graduated with honors in Dec. of 2004 and was so excited to start my new career.
    I've been working on a med/surg hospice unit since August 2005. I really thought I had found my calling. Now because of the staffing issues we face daily, we're forced to take 6-7 patients sometimes during the day instead of the 4-5 we were promised when hired.
    I feel overworked, overloaded, abused, tired, stressed, anxious, I have the worst insomnia the night before I know I have to work. I dread having to go to work, I fear the assignment that I will have for the next 12 hours and what mistakes I may accidentally make "today".
    I've always been healthy, but now I've got back problems, fighting a chest cold. I cry almost daily and mostly I feel like I've made a huge mistake becoming a nurse. The pay isn't as great as I thought it would be and especially not for what we're expected to do. Ex....pharmacist, resp therapist, physical therapist, counselor, police officer AND also trying to be a good nurse!
    My former classmates agree with me. I'm so disappointed in myself and nursing as a career over all. Is this what we all went to school for?
    When I am at work, I go on auto-pilot just to get my tasks done, completely ignoring the patients and the families that I used to LOVE taking care of when I was an aide. I'm just so sad and depressed all of the time anymore.
    why don't hospitals see that if they paid their nurses more, they would get more nurses to want to work and keep them happy, improving, getting positive feedback from the families and therefore increasing the revenue of the hospital? WHY DON'T THESE IDIOTS SEE THIS!!!!? THIS IS A NATIONWIDE PROBLEM!!!
    I'd rather work in retail!
    Disgruntled in Ohio....

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