Anyone else work with Eating Disorders??

  1. Hi I am new to this site. I moved from near Buffalo NY to Arizona at an Eating Disorder Inpatient facility. WOW what a change. I get to do physical assessments and some patient "counseling" and anxiety interventions as well as self care and lots of pt teaching. I really LOVE my job. I worked MedSurg for a year after grad from LPN school then really tired of it and wanted something non -institutional. I guess I found it. The facility is Christian based and on a former dude ranch and equine is part of the pt program for those who are approaved and deemed "safe" medically to ride or even groom the horses. Arizona is wonderfull too. There is some much to see and do. Anyone out that who would like more input or to discuss working with Eating Disordered pts I'd love to chat.
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    Welcome to Allnurses. Nice to hear from you.
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    I really want to work in the eating disorder field when I graduate from nursing school. I only have 2 yrs left !

    Can you tell me more about what you do on a typical day at work?
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    MY typical day -well just as any nurse there is a lot of variety in everyday . Where I work I can be "charge" or do meds. there are 2 nurses to 14 pts. we oversee the techs-not CNAs but MHTs(mental health techs) and review vital signs. Do abdominal assessments, skin checks for those who have a psych order and are at risk for self-harm. We often counsel the ladies throughout their stay about there thoughts and enc them to express feelings in a productive way. We monitor pts who are on NG tube feedings and the placement is checked and tubes are flushed with 60ml of warm water after each meal and snack.Which is 6x a day. Now we have 5 TF pts and it varies. We do the feedings at HS overnite. The TF is monitored qh. by the nite nurse. Pts need labs drawn as ordered and labs are monitored by nursing and called to PCP if needed per protocol. The Med Nurse gives meds and does follow-ups on pain meds and anxiety meds prn. Charge Nurse often ensures that the protocols and follow-ups are done and makes leadership decisions for the shift. Charge Nurse also does end of shift report and calls on call or support staff when needed. We give TB tests on admission and soon we will have 2 diabetic pts admitting. So all the wonderful follow-up and care that goes into diabetic monitoring. We also do careful I&O each meal and report meal refusals and "food rituals". We also must do medication teaching, health education, and individual pt teaching as needed. Lots of times you are just a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen while the pt moves toward recovery. The most I like about my job is to see the women who come in with a lost look and no hope find themselves and become a bright and thriving individual. When the refeeding process begins their personalities just come alive and WOW what a joy that is .