any other permanent makeup nurses out there?

  1. I am an RN and have been doing procedures since 1993. I enjoy attenending seminars with anything having to do with aesthetics or laser. I am in Colorado. I also have a website that really explains what it is i do. Would love to converse with somenone in my field.
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    permanent makeup nurse/trainer


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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    Hmmm...... Well I have done my own permenant eyeliner, but not on another person yet. I guess I hadn't thought of doing it on other people since I've been a nurse. I guess that would be something to consider in my spare time. PM me your website I'd like to see what you do.
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    thanks for joining. just as a reminder though, no one on the board is permitted to self promote personal websites...just a heads up. such posts get yanked. however, the pm suggestion is ok to share personal info such as email addresses and such. pms are always to be respectful.


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