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  1. I am a single mom of two children and have wanting to pursue my goal as an RN since my wonderful gram passed away. I signed up for college last September and thought that things would work out because i was on unemployment and signed up for the extended plan called the 599 plan so that they continue to pay you while you go to college. I registered and enrolled in RN classes and was so excited. A couple weeks before college started unemployment sent me a letter that they could not release the funds for the 599 plan due to cutbacks in the budget.... BAM what a slap that i settled for a job that was not what i wanted. But it is what i had to do to take care of me and my children. I really want to pursue my career and fufill my goal of becoming an RN. I would finally be able to have things and stop living week to week and when an emergency comes up be set back for two months......When my gram was dying and i was helping to take care of her, she said she thought becoming a RN was something i should do and that she had a dream i was in the hall as an RN. And i really want to go to work everyday and feel in some way that i am making a difference, to touch lives. Anyway, sorry for going on and on...are there any types of programs where you can work and do RN classes at a hospital or some other facility and get paid for it. I can't afford to go to school full time and have no income. I can work full time and go to school part time but then i never see my children. Any advice on how i can take care of my family and become an RN. I won't get into detail but financially, emotionally and spiritually i am exhuasted, trying to make ends meet and not doing what i want to what do i do???
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    Wow do our stories sound familiar. I took care of my grams before she passed and she was always telling me I should be a nurse. She passed away 10 years ago Sept.......Aug of this year I finally started nursing school. Took me awhile cuz life kept getting in the way (I was newly married back then, pregnant with my daughter, hubby went in the military and 4 moves got in the way).

    Check into getting your CNA license first. I got mine by going to class Mon. nights and all day Sat. for 3 mos. Quite a few facilities (nursing homes and hospitals) will let you work as a CNA and pay for your RN schooling. Some hospitals do have nursing programs but they are becoming fewer today - it wouldn't hurt to call around and check. This link lists all the nursing programs in NY state.

    I do have hubby's income to help out at least but we are currently living in 2 different states just so I can finish my degree (I started my pre-reqs while he was overseas). Just know that it can be done, it is alot of work, and it can be alot of stress. Do you have family nearby to help with your children?? My mom and sister help out alot with my daughter - that's the main reason I didn't move.

    Don't give up your dream - Grams used to tell me where there's a will, there's a way!!!!!
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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    welcome to! good luck in getting that schooling....

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    thank you soooo much for your can be emotionally and physically challenging to try and do everything at once, but then i remember that i have so much to be thankful family, friends, loved ones, the air that i breathe and i also know that if i want something to happen i have to make it happen. I do have family close by, i guess i just don't want to miss tucking my kids in at night or being there with them all the time but in the long run, it will be worth it. i miss gram so much and life is too short and it is time to spread my wings and fly.....i am going to check out the link you sent about programs, thank you so much. I guess i am pretty selfish, i wanted to go to school for RN and come out being an RN, i didn't want to start at the bottom, CNA, LPN and then RN. Cuz honestly CNA and LPNs work the hardest and they are the glue that keeps everything together, yes an RN is hard work and it has to be earned and they oversee alot but CNAs and LPNs work their butts off and hardly get any recognition and when the do become RNs they really deserve well as the ones who go through school...thank you again

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