Another scared newbie!!!

  1. Hi, my log on name is Tree2144! I just recently took my admissions exam to be admitted into the nursing (LVN) program, and now I am waiting on the results. I am very nervous because I have been out of college for about 5 years now. I am bilingual but to me that was an easy course of to challenge myself, I decided to be a nurse..LOL.

    If anyone has any words of encouragement for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to anyone who reads this..
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  3. by   Sarah_Huff
    HI! i hope you make it! i just decided to get into nursing recently also. But i don't take my test til this winter. Which test did u take? At my college they were just taking the Asset test and the gpa for the testing, but too many people were applying. over 800 last year and only 120 spots available. They have now switched to the HESI test. Figures, just when i decide to get into nursing they change it!! So now its even harder. Just wondering if thats what you took? if so, could you let me know what i need to know for it? I've been out of school since 1998. Only one semester of college, and nothing was pertaining to nursing or anything. everything was for criminal justice. Now with a family i can't exactly join the FBI or CIA anymore. :chuckle I'm gonna need some help with this test!! I wanna take Anatomy before i take the test, but Anatomy is a 6 credit class and its gonna cost over $600 for the one class. I don't wanna take it and than not get accepted. ANyways, I'll pray for you that you make it! let us know asap!!
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  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck! Welcome!
  5. by   Shapeless
    Don't be scared, everyone's great here.

    Very supportive, even when you feel you've asked a really daft question which I do often. :chuckle

    Welcome and enjoy.