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  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]hi everyone! i am so glad that i found this site. i am a mother of 3, and married, and am going to be starting the lpn program this fall. i really was torn on whether to become a nurse or a social worker. i feel that there are apects of both jobs that i would really love but decided to leave the determing factor up to whether i passed the nursing entrance exam and got accepted in to the program or not. if i didn't i would just pursue the social work degree. besides i'm already 27 and i can do the adn in 2 years vs, 4 years for social work which does not pay very well either. to my suprise i was one of the first ones accepted to the lpn program and i was shocked. i really didn't expect it and had pretty much started seeing myself as a social worker. there were 306 applicants at the community college i am attending for the lpn program and they only accepted 45 students. but anyway i am in the program and will begin the curriculum this fall. the only thing is i still find myself torn at times as to whether i would make a good nurse or not. i think it is a matter of self confidence more than anything else. how did everyone else know for certain that they wanted to be a nurse? i am going to go ahead and do the nursing curriculum but am intererested to know if any other nurses were torn between other career choices?
    [font=lucida sans unicode]nice to meet all of you! have a blessed day!
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