Another man becoming a nurse

  1. hi all,

    wow, this site is great! i have learned so much about the career i am getting into. i currently work in hr and now at the age of 30 have decided to finally become a nurse. i am finishing my prereqs now and hope to be accepted to a bsn program soon.

    i just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. and thank all those who have posted before. i have learned so much from you.

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  3. by   camay1221_RN
    Welcome, Andrew!!

    I have only been here a few weeks, and I thoroughly enjoy it! I hope you do too!
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Welcome to All Nurses, Andrew! I love male nurses...think they are even more sensitive than females sometimes.
  5. by   Katnip
    Welcome, and best of luck getting into the program of your choice.
  6. by   short-one61
    you'll do great
    just be yourself.
    I've been an LPN for 20 years....taking boards next month for my RN
    Good Luck
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Thanks for joining the group, A!
  8. by   karenG
    welcome Andrew............hope you enjoy being a nurse as much as I do!

  9. by   RN~in~CT
    Welcome Andrew!!
  10. by   jnette
    Whoooot !!!

    Welcome Friend !
  11. by   Hopegirl
    I agree that male nurses can be even more sensitive than females. So glad you'll be joining the profession! I'm currently working on my prereqs and will be starting either a Masters Entry Program in Nursing or a BSN program this year! It's exciting isn't it?!

  12. by   webbiedebbie
    Welcome and hang in there. It may seem tough at times, especially in a class full of women!
  13. by   AGoodmanRNbound
    thank you all for your warm welcomes! having worked in hr for 5 years, i have no problem working around women. more importantly, they have not minded working with me! i am sure there will be times in class that will be awkward, but i am ready for it.

    i just got home from class tonight. i am so ready for this a&p class to be done with. i have a 99.9 average in the class and 2 more tests to go before may 8th. it stinks because i want to maintain the 100, but only see my grade going down. a friend has told me an a is an a so a 90 will be the same as 100, but i have set a goal to do the very best i can. no one reading my transcript might know but i will.

    thank you all (ya'll for those in texas)


    :hatparty: i'll be 31 in 4 days :hatparty:
  14. by   Rep
    Welcome! I am male nurse, too!