Anna, a psych nurse says HI

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Anna and I am a psych nurse. I have been working for a little over 30 years.
    I presently live and work in California--a state with awful mental health laws. Over the past few years I have become involved with the California Nurses Association.
    The association and it's supporters are presently working on a single payer health plan in the State so that everyone receives healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. We would like to see insurance companies receiving less profits and individuals living and thriving because they are healthy.
    The Bill that outlines this program is California Senate Bill 840. The program is formulated along the same lines as Medicare. To learn more about this program - you can visit this website

    This is the first time in my career that I have become politically involved. Sort of ashamed that it has taken this long. It's not enough for me to be angry with a healthcare system that does not work--have to do something about it. I strongly believe we have to leave a mark in our career to show that we have been here and done something constructive to make things better.
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  3. by   EarthChild1130
    Welcome to the site Anna!! It's nice to meet you! I just moved to the West Coast myself by way of the Coast Guard...I'm originally from Alabama, and other than missing the food and my folks, I like it out here in Oregon...anyhow, I'm sure we'll see each other on the board!
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome! Good luck in all that you do. The CNA rocks and is a role model to many of us around the country.
  5. by   olol765
    Hi Anna!! Actually, I was thinking of moving to SF. I live in the deep south and I was wondering how different working in mental health would be if I moved!! Glad ur here!!