Aloha! New In Here :)

  1. hello everyone,

    im new in here. acctually im new to the nursing profession too. my name is lujain, im 16,doing my first year in the bsn nursing program. my hobbies would be reading, basketball, surfing the internet, listening to music (linkin park), eating italian food, for sure not biochemistry!

    im facing a sort of problem here, you know how ppl say nursing is all about caring and having a big heart etc... but at the same time being able to control ur feelings. well to be honest, im the kind of person that cries when i watch er and someone dies (pathetic i know!) does that mean i aint fit 4 nursing or is it true that with time i will adapt and get used to it?

    ppl plz gimme a hand here :stone .....

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to from Bangkok.
    Are you further away than me?

    Don't worry, you will fit right in.................I still cry at the sad shows, too.
    I think that most of do but are afraid to admit it.

    Good luck to you with your career choice and studies.....
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    16? Wow! Welcome to all nurses. I'm a sap too but just a student so I don't have answers to your questions.
  5. by   lujain
    im currently @ ksa suzanne4,( further away ah) but i intend to travel abroad to austrailia in order to complete my studies, i hear they have excellent post graduate programs there, nothing better than the sydney opera house ah?

    [color=#008080]as for being 16 cnm2bi know, that its odd, seriously i dont know what was going through my mind when i applied, i guess it was the dream i had, to retire in my early 30's therefore being able to lavish my pention selfishly on myself . lol (im kidding, didnt have my nap yet!:chuckle )
  6. by   nightingale
    Welcome! Impressive, 16 and in BSN school. YOU shall grow with nursing and I hope you never learn to feel nothing when someone dies. I too cry while watching ER many episodes; you do learn to kick into the professional mode in emergencies and take care of business at hand. Maybe, you cry about it later or just talk it over with a caring colleague or close friend to put it in perspective.

    Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing.