All the way from Puerto Rico...

  1. ...and lost in Wisconsin.

    Hi guys! I literally made the decision to register after reading some VERY helpful info and actually wanting to contact the person who has posted, but... No PMs are available yet. Pui! :P

    Well, I am a RN back home in Puerto Rico and was offered a chance in Wisconsin where I'd work as a CNA 'till I got my License to practice... unfortunately, I have been here a year with one attempt at the N-clex. What happen I am sure can go without saying. I am still going for it, nothing will stop me, but for the time being, I am looking for alternatives.

    I hope to be asking about Tuba City in another thread if I can't spot any clear answers on the existing ones. But. Hi! I do wonder, are there any other Hispanics in the 'house!' ?

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  3. by   PotatoRN
    Hi! I am new here too!
    You moved quite a long ways, I hope you are having a positive experience in Wisconsin, how do you like it so far?