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  1. Hello, my name is Alicia. I am seventeen years of age and I'm currently attending high school in Southern Indiana. I am a cashier at a local italian restaurant. Exciting, I know. Additionally, I'm a part of a pre-nursing class. I felt I was supposed to take that class despite the fact I had no interest in nursing whatsoever. I've always wanted to pursue a teaching career of some sort, preferably elementary education. Well, now I'm actually thinking about becoming a nurse, possibly RN, and attending Ivy Tech next year. I'm doing really well in my pre-nursing class. In fact, I believe I'm top in my class there. However, I know grades cannot measure up to experience. I'm here to help myself come to the conclusion as to whether this is something I really want to pursue. I believe this forum and experience will help me conclude my future goals.
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    A couple of things to consider:

    1. volunteer at a hospital. It might give you some hands on interactions with nurses so you can see first hand what nurses do.

    2. If you get your BSN (bach degree) for nursing, and you decide that you want to teach later, most schools these days will let you substitute, or let you take a f/t job as a teacher while you complete your certification to teach. In other words, it's easier to become a teacher after you get your nursing degree than it is to become a nurse after you get your teaching degree, if that make sense.

    good luck to you.

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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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