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    During the past few weeks I have been touched and humbled by all the helpful responses from all of you, through my browsing of some of the threads posted on this blessed site. This experience has given me the courage to ask a particular question very close to my heart. I am a fairly new Nursing Home Administrator, I currently have an extensive background in finance, systems, insurance and health policy both at the State and Federal levels. During my residency, I realized that the BIGGEST problem for my patient (residents) in long term care has been mostly bed sores. I have done extensive rounds with several of my colleagues nurses and I am now convinced that by using our existing process more efficiently to help our residents, there will be better outcomes. I was fortunate enough to have had a GOOD and efficient (Lady) administrator as a preceptor who was not afraid to give me the ropes and let me use my knowledge to resolve several compliance issues in the facility (under her supervision)with successful results. I will always be grateful to her FOREVER!!!!! "I am still not able to tell her about it ever since .... (I guess, I am too shy)" Please forgive me for digressing . . . having realized that we can do much better to address this problem, I have now started nursing school in the hope that I can help my colleague nurses during the initial phase of my project. (That is, control the problem of bedsores in a much more efficient way for a better outcome.) My question to all of you: Do you really think it is necessary to be a nurse in order to be a good administrator? I really want to be part of this project, and this is really close to my heart . . . I do not feel I can get the results I really want by being a bystander. Being a male, I am concerned about the mistreatment some of the male nurses have to go through during their clinical, although I am willing to pay the price. However, after so many years in academic, especially my training in graduate school in Public Health policy, I wonder if I can take anymore beating?
    What do you guys think?
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    Welcome to the site! We're glad you joined us. You'll likely be interested in our Male Nursing Student Forum.
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    Welcome to! I am glad to meet you.

    I work in LTC, and my Administrator is also an RN. She had been a floor nurse before becoming Administrator, and I believe that is a plus.

    We have an LTC Forum at: and a WOund/Ostomy Forum at: . I hope these help, and hope to see more of your posts!

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    Welcome. I'm sure you have a lot to offer us.