Adjustment of status dilemma!

  1. Hello there! :chuckle I am an RN from the Philippines who just passed everything! Yup, what a relief!! But now, another challenge is giving me something to stress about!

    BTW, I am very delighted to have discovered this site!

    My US employer opted for an adjustment of status (aos) for me since I am already here in the US as a tourist. I am now very concerned about the status of my husband and child who are still both in the philippines. I know that the I-140 application (Immigrant petition for an alien worker) includes your spouse and children in the green card processing, but now that I am on aos, and they are not eligible for that, what happens to them? Will the immigrant petition for them still exist? Or does filing an aos abandon their application with me? How soon can they "follow-to-join" me here? What should I do? I don't want to be away from them for so long! Please help me. I hope I wont regret doing an aos instead of just doing the normal way of consular processing.
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