Accepted against all odds!

  1. I just wanted to share this news with someone! I got my acceptance letter yesterday for the PN program at my local school! I am beyond excited because I didnt think I stood a chance. Ive heard a lot of "you wont get in unless...." stories that I want to speak out about and tell people to not give up. I was told by fellow students that I wouldn't get in unless I had A's in A&P 1 & 2. I wouldn't get in unless I had an 80% on TEAS. I wouldn't get in unless I had close to a 4.0. Well, no. I went to school 8 years ago and wasnt a good student. I got a C in A&P 1 and a B in A&P 2. I failed my math class and medical term class. Not because I couldn't do it, but because they were online classes and lack of effort. My GPA was a 2.9. I quit school to be a stay at home mom. Then decided I wanted to pursue my dreams again since I was a little older and more mature. I got all A's my first year back and bumped my GPA only up to a 3.1. I studied my butt off for TEAS and only got a 79.8% I was certain I wouldn't get in because it's a very competitive program here. But they accepted me! With two failed classes, a lower GPA, mediocre TEAS score, they picked me. So dont give up! If I can do it, anyone can!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    CONGRATS!!!! Those are good grades.

    Just discussed with hubby tonight that I graduated and became licensed in 1977 --40yrs ago, then RN/BSN 82. Practical nursing education and hand on skills learned greatly contributed to my career longevity.
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