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  1. Hi all. My name is Jacob (the name my mother gave me), but I usually go by Jake. I am a nurse who happens to be male, and I proud of both! I work as a staff nurse in a small ICU in Eastern NC, and I also teach BLS/CPR.
    I bleed purple and gold, now living in the heart of the Pirate Nation after growing up near Charlotte. I loved my four years at ECU, but was ready to be done by the time graduation rolled around. I was elected Outstanding Senior for my graduating semester. I also served as president of our chapter of AAMN (American Assembly for Men in Nursing), as well as on the board for out State Nursing Student group, as well as for NCF (Nurses' Christian Fellowship).
    I signed a contract before graduating to work at an approx. 220-bed community-based hospital in Wilson, NC which is about 45 minutes outside of Raleigh. I started on telemetry and worked there for 8 months before moving to night shift in the ICU. Its small and I love it, but I plan on moving to one of the tertiary care centers nearby in the coming months to get more advanced experience en route to my CCRN and eventually CRNA school.
    I enjoy tinkering with computers, photography, baseball (specifically the Atlanta Braves), and the occasional NASCAR race. I also love spending time outdoors, and playing disc golf. I love my 'living snowball' known as Turner (a bichon-shitzu mix) almost as much as I love my wife, whom I have been happily married to since June of 2010.

    P.S.- In case anyone was curious, my username is the Latin word on which "nurse" is based. "Assidere" in archaic Latin meant "to sit by, wait on" in the sense of tending to another's needs.
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