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    I'm going to be a future nurse in England and I'm just finishing my A-levels (three weeks left of college). I've applied for a DipHE course, which is (I'm sure you know) a diploma course. I was wondering, if it's the same as a degree course.

    All the people at the university say so, but I want to make sure and hear it from you nurses


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  3. by   suzanne4
    Your programs in the UK are quite different from the programs in the US. In your neck of the woods, the training is by specialty, I believe 18 months in a general curriculum, then 18 months specialty in either peds, adults, or mental health. In the US, you must go thru each of the specialties as you need to be what they call a "generalist" to qualify for licensure in the US.
    Your program would not be the same as a BSN since you won't be getting all fo the training in all of the areas. plus your program is three years and not four years.

    Hope that this helps explain things for you...........and welcome to Allnurses.com
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    Thanks suzanne4 for the insight of America's nursing programmes. Well the thing is that here the course is 3 years and it's on a 50/50 basis, where half is theory and the other half is practical work i.e. in hospitals or other places (like primary schools).

    If any Brits can answer my question, then please do!

    I accept any answer,

  7. by   suzanne4
    It is not equivalent to a degree because it doesn't cover all areas of nursing.
    You specailize in only one area and do not the other two areas.