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  1. Hello,

    I am one of the gray haired nurses (I've earned every gray hair).
    My Mama told me, "If they are not doing right, get away from them".
    That's why I travel Nursing has allowed me to meet and work with some of the world's finest folk. I am very particular about who I will work with. I will only work with the best.

    I'm on the beach in North Carolina now. (I set the time wrong by accident; it is 4:50 AM here on the coast.) I really want a better world! That is why I am up so early. I am not happy with our present health care system. I am searching for Light. I went to Michael Greenberg's site: anovelvision (Has anyone read, "A Man Of Sorrows"?); there was a link to this site.

    It seems like a sweet idea for all of us to be together, in one place. I spoke with another nurse on the phone yesterday, as we teamed up to rescue a patient out from the grinding gears of the monster, uncaring, greed machine, "As long as there are nurses, there will be caring in healthcare".

    I work Home Health. I believe in what I am doing. I was escorted to the door at the last hospital I worked at, for telling the truth (2003). I told God he will have to talk to me out loud, as He did with Moses, if He wants me to go back into a hospital to work. I do my best to help people learn to live!

    We must join together and stand up for what is right. Our healthcare system has much room for improvement; we face many challenges. I choose to stand in Light and Truth. I tell folks, "I am going to stay on the side of Truth and Love; every thing else will crumble all around me". I KNOW that is true! LOVE WILL WIN! I am staying right there.


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    Nice post. Welcome to Allnurses!