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Hi i am new to this site.....found it by accident.....been living in W.V. now a little over a year......moved from Ocala, Fla..homesick bad...thought nurses could get jobs anywhere....wrong...i knew... Read More

  1. by   Noryn
    There were a few agencies a couple years back. I know for a fact MSN was one of them because my friends went to work for them. Also I had heard that one of the hospitals in Beckley, actually listened to their staff and offered to pay them what the agency nurses were making if they would come in and work the shifts, which was a great idea.

    To the original poster, one option that I forgot would be to check out the urgent care centers--they have positions for lpns for evening shift.

    When I left Beckley, $50,000 would get you a rather decent house but it was harder to find a house in that price range in a nice neighborhood or with a decent yard. The pay in that area sorely lacks behind other areas. When I worked there I made around 35,000 then took a job in Charleston and made over 55,000 driving 3 days a week.
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  2. by   blingbling
    just an update..thanks for the wonderful advice..I am in a pickle with 12 hr. shifts for the hospitals around here due to schooling special needs son..It took me a while to swallow all my hurt feelings..Well finally got a game plan in motion and of course not for all..........We are in the process of filing bankruptcy and it looks very good for ch. 7..and the school advanced ds up a grade and he will graduate this year..wow.......So we have made the decision to move to SC..and I have been offered several jobs already in the greenville area.......we will rent a tiny place and hopefully can keep our home in WV.. too. I wish the school would have considered graduating him early before all this now they understand how much we have lost...........Found a wonderful school program charles lea school for him..So it's true when one door closes or you are at your lowest then God does his wonderful stuff on you..and our lawyer said while doing this bankruptcy DO NOT MAKE any changes what so ever.........so i'm plugging along on my med passes with SIL assist. living..and continuing more ceu's to be ready for the new move in HOPEFULLY SUMMER.........Thanks again all.....Tootles:wink2: