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  1. I think this is a good place to start.
    I've been an RN in Washington state for 16 years. I started as a CNA, then nurse tech, followed by LPN and now an RN(AAS).
    I've worked in a variety of fields, started in LTC(loved the people I worked with and clientele, couldn't stand the neglect stemming from very inadequate staffing coupled with managers who just didn't care), from there went on to pediatric home care(vent kids only). I absolutely adored that job, despite the relatively low wages(for an RN). After being with one company for 8 1/2 years I was pretty much forced to give it up, the insurance benefits became unrealistic for a person with chronic conditions.
    I realized it was one of those blessings in disguise. I had started having a lot of anxiety related to work. I lived in constant fear that I would accidently do something that would hurt one of my kiddos, or worse(nothing happened and I really don't know what started it).
    An off hand comment from my daughters friend about how much he likes his job and how good the benefits are sent me into a new line of work, working in a a plasma center. Going from 12+ years in night shift working 1:1 was a huge change.
    So far, 15 months in, I still love my job and the benefits.

    So that said... I don't really like being a nurse. It wasn't my first career choice.
    I needed a good steady career field where I could make a livable wage to support my kids. Now I think it to late to go back.

    Now I work full time, my kids are young adults, and I'm married to an amazing man, he has parkinsons, CML, and dementia. I have a fulltime paid job and a fulltime caregiver job with him.

    Lifes an adjustment all around, but life goes on.
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