A Big Hi, from miles away..

  1. Yo guys,
    I'm a 23 yr old BSN from India.. I"ve just cleared CGFNS exam and am keen on working in the US.. I"d like to say a big Hi to all my bro's and sis's out there.. ;-) And would like to make some cool friends, if possible...
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   purplemania
    welcome! I am working with a Nurse Manager from Bombay (although he is very Americanized now, he came to this country as a teenager). He is smart and funny and we all enjoy working with him. Hope to see your name on this bulletin board often.
  5. by   qrioz
    hi there,
    it was so nice to hear from you.. thanks a lot for replying. in fact i'm keen on befriending fellow nurses from around the world but didn't quite know how to do that. now that there's this bulletin board, it's easy.. don't u think so? and by the way, could you pls tell me a bit about yourself? i'm eager to know about you. and of coure, about the working conditions there.
    and it was nice to know that you're working with a manager who's from bombay.
    hey, i've got a yahoo i.d., that's qrioz@yahoo.com. if you'd like to send (and of course, receive!) mails, feel free to write to it. i'm quite an e-mail freak, and i love sending (and receiving! ;-)) mails.. it's quite a great experience to hear from someone who's so far away from you. i'm not quite sure whether you like it yourself, otherwise i'd have hit your inbox with huge mails.. LOL..
    okay then, so much for a quick note.. hope to hear from you sometime soon!
    my warm greetings to you and your friends out there.
    -Ullas P T
    Kerala, India
  6. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to allnurses.com...............Did you take your exam two weeks ago or will you be sitting for the exam in July? Don't forget to also complete the Visa Screen process, also offered from CGFNS. You need to have the certificate. You cannot work in the US without it.

    Good luck..................if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me. My time zone is much closer to yours.
  7. by   jnette
    hello grioz !!!

    and welcome aboard. you'll find plenty of information and good comeraderie here at allnurses. looking forward to hearing more from you.

    wish you the best in your endeavors !
  8. by   qrioz
    Thanks, pal..
    I'm really looking forward to hearing from you guys.. It really feels gr8 to hear about the news there, sitting thousands of miles away.. Btw, I'd like to make some good friends, too.. Anyone interested?
  9. by   ivoryangel58us
    hello i am new here
  10. by   Shamrock
    Welcome aboard, qrioz and ivory.