2004 RN Staff Salaries around the USA

  1. Hi; I just got back on line. Lost my password & Brian was a fantastic help...Thank You, Brian....
    I thought a discussion should be on salaries around the USA.
    Where you work???(hospital, agency, HHC, ambulatory, gov't, etc.)
    What state???
    Years of RN profession????
    Well; here goes....Ambulatory Care, Michigan, BSN: 21 years, $60,000
    Anyone care to join in
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    gov't ambulatory care


  3. by   BJNurse
    Sounds interesting, I'll bite. Cardiac Cath Lab, Chicago suburbs, ADN, 7yrs, $70,000.
  4. by   manna
    There's a thread similar to this somewhere in the archives with LOTS of posts. Maybe do a search and you can find it?
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Ft. Worth, TX - MSN - 18 years nursing, mostly critical care - Med/Surg educator - $60,000.
  6. by   BellafromNYC
    I am new grad from NYC 57,000 in telemetry ADN.